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Liberty and Learning

Theses, Articles, and Books by James Madison Fellows

The following works are available in the Library of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation:

  • The Great Awakening: America's First Experience in Principle-Based Resistance and Preview to the American Revolution
    Molly Bruzewski, ’96 (OK)
  • To Secure These Rights: Richmond, the Constitution, and the Union 1787-1861
    Melody Riddle Durham, ’97 (TN)
  • Roots of Liberty: Unlocking the Federalist Papers
    Communism: Its Ideology, Its History, and Its Legacy

    Claire McCaffery Griffin, ’92 (HI)
  • A History of Water Resources and Rights in the Northern San Luis Obispo Valley
    Helen C. Martin, ’01 (CO)
  • California's Criminal Syndicalism Act: A Limit on First Amendment Rights
    Milton S. Reiss, II, ’93 (CA)